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Power Horse Cup Dusseldorf

Here I am in Dusseldorf, my last tournament before the French Open. I won my first round and I am trying to prepare for a tough match against Tommy Haas, he has been playing really well lately.

He got me in the semis in Munich so I look forward to the chance to beat him!

I played my first round on Sunday and I don't play Tommy until tomorrow, so I have had a few days to practice and prepare which is rare on tour. It is important to get a good rest between matches.

It's always a balance of trying to be ready and prepared for your match and maintaining your fitness on the road. I have to be careful to not push it too hard on my days off -- the trick is to balance between hitting and working out. I also want to be fresh and ready for the long matches in Paris...so I am really watching what I eat and training hard in the gym.

Dusseldorf, is a cool little city on the river with some nice cafes and a good cinema. I enjoy getting a movie in when I'm on the road.

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